Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Aperture (almost)

Am I on the bandwagon or am I out in front about to get run over?

I got a shipping notification from apple...only after I had already seen
the ups, "you need to sign for this" note on the door.

If they had sent it three hours earlier, I would have come home early to
receive it.

Capture ONE LE, did almost everything I think I want but not all at the
same time


Capture ONE PRO, better but I had some trouble trying to get it to do
what I wanted even though it should be supported. (multiple sessions,
multiple settings at once on an image)


Aperture, looks like it does basically everything I want and more,
hopefully it isn't too slow on my not quite supported powerbook

$499 ( $249 go student discount)

The price is right, Aperture wins even thought I am drinking the apple
kool-aide buying a product that I have only ever seen in demo videos
probably running on the biggest baddest fastest quad G5s with 16GB of
RAM and an X-serve RAID array behind it.

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