Thursday, September 8, 2005

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Cycled to work on computer is out since the last time I rode.
My sister happened to be leaving for work at the same time, our routes are
identical for the first 3 miles or so. After three miles I turned off for
the ~.5 miles to my office while she continued the 12-13 miles to her

It is almost not worth riding so short a distance. I think I need to
take a few spins around the block just to ride long enough for a good

Wednesday, fairly normal work with the exception of some package install
problems. Bouncing package builds across the big pond is not the most
efficient testing method we have ever used. School was...well school,
nothing special at the moment.

Thursday, took my car in for service at 06:00, that is way to early. The
regular service was as expected. However the "you really need two new
tires (the ones I mentioned looking bald), however the other two are
almost ready for replacement as well"; with pricetag was not what I was
hoping for. So later today my wallet will be an unexpected 1K
lighter..damn performance touring tires.

I am also displeased by the wear life of the OEM tires. I have been
reading reviews that seem to indicate that in some ways I am lucky to
have gotten ~30K miles on them, in others it seems that I should have
been able to get 40-50K. In the future I am avioding the "Bridgestone
Turanza EL42".

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