Saturday, February 26, 2005

What I should be doing right now...Packing

  1. Staging the contents of the Attic into the living room so we can move.
  2. " " Basement Closets " "
  3. " " Laundry Room/Computer Closet/Work Room
    " "
  4. Break down rack leaving only the FW and enough gear to run this
    house until the new house is live on Tuesday.
  5. Break down the old HUGE
    UPS in the Laundry Room/Computer Closet into "3 man carry" portable bits
    so the movers can get it out of the house.(Free isn't always good)


What I
want to be doing right now...

  1. Rebuilding my Solaris 10 box with a
    failed Hard drive and upgrading to GA
    1. Rebuilding my FW to scavenge the
      SCSI card so I can access both sides of my old HP NetStore JBOD(see 1).
    2. Checking out this bfu thing and trying out Janus and ZFS although I am
      not really sure how bfu works.
  2. Continue working my way through the
    Dtrace manual (which depends on 1)
  3. Get
    running on my Solaris 10 box and use Dtrace to look at the
    internals(see 1).
  4. In conjunction with 3 play with slamd, ctrun and
    smf(see 1).
  5. Trying to not electrocute myself while isolating the short
    in my APC3000, and Figuring out if the APC2200 I have destroyed the last
    set of batteries or if the batteries were
  6. bad to begin with(Auctions Can
    be Bad, cheap junk is still junk).
  7. Most anything other than packing.


What I could be doing right now that would sort of qualify for both...but
not really

  1. Figuring out if the APC Trade-UPS program where they come
    and take away your old ups would include the removal of the behemoth not
    that I can really afford to buy 6KVA of new hardware to qualify even with
    the discount.


What I am doing right now...

  1. Playing
    Metaphysik: Ball Revamped II by John Cooney
    a silly flash game that now I
    feel the need to play again for better results.
  2. Reading
    Sun Blogs
  3. Wasting time posting to this blog :)

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