Sunday, February 6, 2005

Smallest JumpStart Server Ever

I am planning on making the currently undisputed smallest JumpStart server

A "Sony PCG-U3":


In breif: Crusoe 933 MHz processor 6.4" (XGA) TFT-LCD 20gb HDD 512mb RAM
1.8 pounds 7.3" x 5.5"

I understand that I could maybe make a smaller server with a nano-itx
board, but not with a keyboard, display etc. in such a portable package.


So far, I have Solaris 10 installed and running, from a PXE boot
jumpstart install. That was neat, not as easy as booting a SPARC, but
not bad once I got the proper DHCP/BOOTP settings in place.

Unfortunately the box that did the initial jumpstart is currently unable
to see it's root disk. So I can't use it to share the media to do the
setup install server. I have all the hardware I need to recover one way
or another, but I don't currently feel like scavaging from my firewall
for another scsi card so I can see both sides of my old HP NetStore JBOD.


So the next step is probably to nfs share from my laptop to the PCG-U3,
possibly between commercials during the superbowl.

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