Monday, January 31, 2005

Stayed Home Today

So I stayed home today to make up for working all weekend.

Instead of getting a lot of packing done, I worked while my fiancé(who
gave me -grief- gentile mocking about not originally accenting the e)
packed up boxes and moved furniture.

It was a nice idea. Unfortunately around 2pm some customer issues
basically kept me at my computer until about 10:30.

Thankfully my mother came down to help out, otherwise my fiancé who was
not at all pleased by my inability to help would have been a real mess.
(As she says she only gave me minimal grief for it, because she is

I did take a break for lunch and to cary some heavy boxes and stuff out
to the storage units.

Then after I stopped doing "work" we packed up some more.

"store-to-door": is amazingly convenient. We had
them drop of three units on Saturday, Loaded them up over the last three
days and they are picking them up -tomorrow- today.

When we move we will call them they will drop them off at the new house
and come pick them up when we are done.

We may actually get a few more before we are done, not having to load
out the whole house in one go is great.

Not having to pack out the house, then pack into a storage unit and
reverse that process when we are done is even better.

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