Sunday, January 30, 2005

Long Weekend

This weekend,

1) Our refrigerator stopped making cold, and actually last night was
warmer inside than the ambient kitchen temperature.

Fortunately it is ~19deg F outside so moving the frozen foods to the
back deck has prevented a total food catastrophe.
2) The
root disk in my home Solaris 10 box is no longer visible to the scsi
Now I have to remember what disk I used for
the mirror(I think I set up a mirror).

3) This weekend we were supposed to fill three "store-to-door"
containers with the contents of two small bedrooms,

basically all of the books and as much other stuff as can be packed in.
So far we are at roughly 1.5 filled. They are getting picked up Tuesday.

4) Replaced the front door-knob and dead bolt.

5) Some simple work turned into a multi-layer HW and SW problem that
used up more than half the weekend.

Now I am too tired to think properly and we will probably spend a lot of
tomorrow doing more heavy lifting.

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