Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cascades Firechase 10K

Cascades Firechase 10K (May 29, 2010) race report (Belated)

I had been waiting to see if the finish line photographers had a picture of me finishing with my mimosa but I can't figure out who they were and just forgot.

I hadn't been planning on running this race a week before North Face but I decided on Friday that since I was going to be running anyway I may as well have a supported run with friends. Little did I know that not only was it going to be hot and humid but this race is know for hills. OTOH I got a couple Chik-Fil-A Spicy Chicken Sandwiches out of it as post race food.

In brief, it was hot in the low 90s and a bit humid. I got to the start just as the group was going out for a warmup run. I ended up behind everyone warming up slow planning on racing at maybe 11:00/mi which in the end was not to be.

Immediately prior to the start I let myself get dragged to the front by Mandana and Atle when I tried to go towards the back the group wouldn't let me so I started the first 100m at 8 something then moved to the side after the first corner and slowed down. On and off I ran with various members of the Ashburn Area Running Club watching them slowly pull away from me while my pace slowly increased until Maureen caught up with me on the way out of a pit stop. Allowing for hills we were running around 9:40/mi and I pulled ahead a bit after on the hill around mile 5. At 5.9 I stopped for a mimosa took a gulp and Maureen caught me up moments later.

Crossing the line with a little kick I was holding the mimosa (finding that the nice rigid plastic cup was hard to drink from on the run), which I finished a moment later. Much amused by the questioning looks and "What are you drinking?" I kept the cup next year I may run with it.

Run Washington has a non-Shawn focused write up as well :)

Result: 61:41

I'm sure I could do better, maybe next year I should opt for the bloody mary.

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