Tuesday, May 25, 2010


For a first event I think it went well aside from some obvious logistical problems. I'm looking forward to the one that is planned for DC in 2011. My Garmin reports 5 miles and just over 2 hours total time 1:17 moving time.
Saturday check-in
  • fast easy
Sunday parking Shuttle
  • horrible long wait (> 2.5h) looked like three busses with a 30min RTT4
Sunday Check-in (waiting for the rest of the team to get checked in)
  • fast easy
  • not bad took it with a bit of caution after being warned of holes on Sat.
Death March
  • long slog cost time and effort. I won't be thinking local climbs are so bad for a while
Sweaty Yeti
  • yes, a bit chilly. Generally lame as an obstacle
Devils Beard
  • With a group not bad at all, raised mesh passed from hand to hand
Hold Your Wood
  • I went up hill with a chunk of wood
Cliff Hanger
  • ridiculous :) I'm not sure I would want to ski down it
Boa Constrictor
  • had been expecting this to be worse, it was a little slow needed a better way to move through the tube
Swamp Stomp
  • felt like a little kid playing in the mud
Trail run
  • nice trails, rocky, rooty wet and fast
Kiss of mud
  • way slower than I expected
Ball Shrinker*
  • a lot worse for the wear when we got there, ropes were dangling
Water Tunnel*
  • not special
  • first big line. fun, swimming in shoes was slow. Hydration pack provided unexpected flotation
  • a bit hard being sort of tired, slick with the wet
  • not bad
  • so disappointing. Obstacle was down when we go there
Small wall
  • great place to get muddy again after rising in the lake
  • yes, it was fire
On course Logistics
  • Water stops did not have enough water to cover the runners. Possibly the wave sizes were off because of the timing?
  • Lack of rigidity in wave starts was good (due to bus delays we were 1 wave behind)
  • Medical staff were prevalent and attentive
  • Other runners were encouraging
  • Course markings were clear enough
  • really glad to have taken water with me
* Waited in line for these obstacles

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