Friday, July 1, 2005

What not to do with your Lab v20z least when someone starts using it while you are messing with the
Service Processor Sensor settings.

 sensor set -i ambienttemp -c 29.23 -w 29.24 -W 29.26 -C 29.27

Particularly when the operating temprature is ~29 - 31 deg C. We got a
bunch of SNMP traps as the temp. bounced between the thresholds. The
goal was to make sure we were receiving traps properly. Then we got a
platform state change trap...system power off.

A coworker started working with the system during this time and after
turning it on began to create a flar. Naturally after a short time the
system shut down again.

He came over and asked if I shut the system down. My answer: No

I told him that if he would give me a moment I would reset the sensors
so it would shut itself down again.

In any case it all worked as expected.


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